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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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his demeanor changes every time we have interaction with him. reporter: david black was a strange of his wife and had violated a protective order and .epeatedly threatened her the two were in the middle of a divorce. a private investigator working for his defense attorney arrived at the home this afternoon >>. and you willment have to go off the property and get on the public space. >> we will close this case. reporter: neighbors remain anxious. they he is the person committed this crime, we want him out of this neighborhood. reporter: do you think he is the guy that did this? >> if not, i think he knows who did. reporter: we received a statement from his attorney. he says, "this mooring surprise arrival by arlington county police officers at mr. black's home is dismaying and we are greatly concerned that nevers of the arlington county police may be selectively sharing confidential aspects of this
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investigation with members of the news media. he says david black maintains a sense of that innocence and will continue cooperating with authorities." police in nodes andrea are looking for witnesses in a deadly hit and run. this happened this morning about 9:00 on braddock avenue. investigators say she was either walking or jogging when she was hit. anyone who may witnessed the crash is asked to contact the police. kimberly: a charles county man says he was making a joke, but it was not one police on funny. he is facing one -- threats for made -- facing charges for threats made on twitter. what did he say? reporter: that tweet was very threatening to the people of laplata. it made for a busy night for the small police department. all cruisers on the road. this is a story this fixed of
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the power of social media. 140 characters or less, a popular #and people were looking over their shoulders. the linkages chilling. "tonight we purge. kill all the way people in the town of laplata." >> there was a lot of concern. reporter: she was among many who saw the tweet yesterday afternoon and forwarded it on to friends. >> they were scared. locking the doors. everybody was -- reporter: the police were well aware of the tweet by early evening and the fear in town. somebody was making a threat against the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens. we were duty-bound act. as detectives tracked the account, the owner posted a message saying "obviously was joking. lol." it is scary and not a joke. reporter: police arrested
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20-year-old carlos hollins. it is alleged that he sent the tweet and is charged with making a mass threat. held on $250,000 bond and has a hearing tomorrow. we knocked on his door. no answer. his neighbors declined comment. in laplata, people have plenty to say. >> it makes you sick to my stomach. >> you hope people of common sense not to follow mine with that kind of speak. reporter: we talked to a lot of people here today. they are convinced the threat was not genuine from the sender. the fear was that other people may act on it. we are told the fear was real. people did not go out last night. they stayed home until police made the arrest. brad bell, abc 7 news. kimberly: several democratic lawmakers in virginia are pushing for expanded back on checks for gun buyers.
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this comes more than a week journalists were shot during a live broadcast. lawmakers unveiled a petition with 2600 supporting signatures at a news conference in arlington. private sales, including those conducted at gun shows, are not subject to back on checks. jonathan: the director of the d.c. department of transportation is demanding more transparency for metro. that came during a hearing about the derailment near the smithsonian station last month. brianne carter was at the hearing and she is covering metro live tonight for metro headquarters. dot directore d- says that was a demand to see more transparency for the public for what is happening at metro. everything from rail checks to schedules and how things are moving forward. this comes after the august derailment. no absolutely no
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confidence in the safety department. reporter: tough for its from a frustrated board member. >> we've heard from management for years that they embrace any safety culture. in the aftermath of the tragedy and that is stepping up the case. reporter: the criticism came during a committee meeting. the incident report released last week revealing the cause, including the failure of rail fasteners was affected nearly one month before the derailment but not fixed. officials say the operator of the track inspection vehicle noted the issue but mistakenly hit a button and deleted it from the report. it was also revealed between that tgv inspection and the derailment, track walkers inspected that section of track eight times but did not report the issue. that previousut procedures for checking track relax and inadequate -- were lax
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and inadequate. >> is not the quality of the track inspector. reporter: inspections on 60% of the rails having completed. tgv operator procedures have been changed. a third party has a broad interview problems. board never suggesting bigger changes are needed. >> culpable parties are here today, in this room. we have interaction with them and we made it clear where the buck stops. we are going to dig into what consequences will result of that. metro officials saying today it is still unclear on part of this investigation as to whether or not during their inspection the track walkers been able to detect this problem. this investigation ongoing. an executive session meeting more about all of this. they say more changes could come. brianne carter, abc 7 news. jonathan: if you have been
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outside you know it is toasty but a little quiet. some thunderstorms could be popping up in the near future. kimberly: the sky looks a little dark. doug hill is on storm watch right now. doug: they are popping up all over the place. partly sunny right now. hot and humid. a couple of thunderstorms developing quickly south of rockville and drifting south into bethesda. another one settling to the south. pcbs lines developing. we think another area of showers could be in the process of developing as we speak over downtown washington. according to the big picture, it is very limited action. most of the area is rain-free. .verybody and on the heat 93 at reagan national right now. 93 at quantico. the heat index is 98. feels like 96 at washington dulles. we will watch and wait.
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the storm still forming up but when they formed a drift south. the weather still looks good at fedex right now. isolated showers and storms but otherwise a very warm and muggy thursday evening. we will look at the weekend coming up. kimberly: thank you plenty of people hitting the road this weekend for the unofficial end of summer. we are looking in pretty good shape to fill up at the pumps. the average cost for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.43. that is down one penny since yesterday. a full dollar from last year. in the washington area we are paying an average of $2.68. throughout this hour we will help you track gas prices toward some popular destinations for the holiday weekend. if the eastern shore are your destination, lucky you. love to fill up at the clock stop -- quick stop in parsons berg. it is charging $2.19 for a gallon of regular unleaded. watch out for the cops in this tiny towns.
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you can track the lowest prices on your route at jonathan: some develop its to tell you about in the case against quarterback tom brady. a judge lifted the doing and patriots cornerback suspension of four games. this evening's report, the nfl commissioner is promising to appeal the decision. a simple photo on the newman patriot twitter page says it all. the nfl took on tom brady and tom brady one. -- won. a federal judge overturned the four-game suspension. in the ruling issued thursday morning, judge richard berman determined that nfl commissioner roger goodell violated the league's collective-bargaining agreement with the players union and did not have authority to carry out a suspension. his ruling concluded with, "brady's four-game suspension is vacated immediately." he was suspended back in may in the role of the alleged deflategate scandal.
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the nfl accused brady endeavors of the patriots of knowingly deflating footballs below league limits during last year's afc championship game to get a competitive edge. brady has denied any wrongdoing. in a statement thomas -- the mission or bedell says "we are grateful for the judge hearing this matter, but respectfully disagree with the decision. " >> a federal judge is reluctant to reverse an arbitrary ruling. now it is the nfl that is going uphill. tom brady all likelihood will get to play while this case is going on. reporter: the patriots open on september 10 against pittsburgh. now with number 12 leading the way. kimberly: right now the redskins are gearing up for their final preseason game. jonathan: robert burton, take it away. robert: we are live at fedex getting ready for the game right
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now. rg iii and kirk cousins are warming up but they're not starting tonight. we're talking about the guy who is next. jonathan: the president goes to alaska gets a bizarre lesson in salmon life. the woman accused of trying to snatch a taller out of her stroller on a metro train heads to court. jonathan: first -- >> is a failure by the international community. jonathan: the world is reacting to devastating images out of turkey as a migrant rices grows worse in europe. -- migrant crisis grows worse.
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jonathan: one of the photographers who captured a horrifying image of the three world series and boy face down, dead on a beach. she says there was nothing to do to help the little boy but she does say that the picture tells his story. he was just one of thousands of people involved in the european migrant crisis going on. scott thuman is that the abc -- capital bureau with an eating perspective.
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these images may be disturbing for some people. i imagine they are disturbing for everyone who sees them. and you have traveled this region. reporter: how could they not be for anyone who sees them? it is further forcing the international community to face the refugee crisis. it is going out of control. we are talking about that iconic image of three-year-old ilin courtey. we have the civil war, the ongoing threat of islamic terrorism. they are by one agency's count about 4 million refugees getting help in five different countries. that is just one third of the estimated needed. for 15 million inside and outside of syria looking. i was just in turkey. the country where a lot of refugees are pouring over the borders. even in istanbul i saw families holding signs on a street corner that was written in english that
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read "we are syrian refugees. ."ease help us pcbs dramatic scenes unfolding all over the region. in hungary, people are fighting to get onto trains that are bound for germany. that is one of the places excepting the refugees but they're having difficulty getting on the train. there is a process that needs to be documented and kept track of. it is very complicated but the international community now really having to look at this crisis comment open eyes, and say how to we help people because the situation is not giving any better in syria. it will continue to grow. were notly those that already aware, this photograph alone is now prompting that sort of conscience level of what we are seeing. jonathan: we are talking about millions of people fling their countries because they face isis or isil and is not a good alternative. what would be a fix?
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no country can deal with this many people. reporter: what you need is a coastguard. -- conglomerate. on july merkel saying let's figure out a system that we can put in place where all the countries in the european union take some sort of response ability. you are seeing entries as far away as iceland saying we will take on some of these refugees. there is the open arms mentality but how quickly you get enough people you can handle. that is a real challenge. you talk about 15 million people they need help. no country can do it alone. point, someone was to take a stand against isis or they will continue to spread. kimberly: two vice news journalism held in terror charges and turkey have been freed. a third remains in custody. they were arrested will covering clashes between government troops and militants last week. the man who is still in custody is under extras renee because of the encryption software on his
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computer -- extra scrutiny. breaking news out of new jersey. a small airplane has crashed in bergen county in the northeast part of the state. these are live pictures. you can see the plane crashed into some trees. no word and injuries right now. stay with abc 7 news and for the latest on this plane crash in bergen county, new jersey. jonathan: this next story may make you sick. during the trip to alaska, the president went fishing and a spawning salmon, well, it spawned. the president had a good laugh saying the fish was happy to see him. put it back in the water. that is a cancer release situation if there ever was one. kimberly: are you a fisherman doug? doug: yeah. kimberly: a perfect weekend to do it? doug: absolutely.
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jonathan: there is never a bad week and go fishing. doug: i think the weekend could have a little bit more cloudiness in a couple of degrees cooler. we will start with a hot news. it is plenty hot out there. a couple of storms lining up. they are developing as we been watching them on doppler radar. they are spread out from northwest to southeast. the city of washington, not much in the way of rain. over charles county, southern prince george's county, northwest washington. some pushing back of the demography county. everything kind of drifting to the south and southeast. other showers and storms south of winchester. those are going to stay well removed from the metro area. it is kind of hit or miss in the next couple of hours. tonight, thing settle down but it will remain warm and humid. check out these 5:00 numbers. 91 at reagan national. 90 in frederick. 90 degrees at quantico.
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when you factor in the moisture, the dewpoint temperatures in the upper 60's the low 70's in some spots. this is what it feels like. 97 at reagan national. 96 at dulles and fredericksburg. evening it will stay hot and humid and then remain warm and humid overnight as temperatures in most areas remain in the 70's. a few upper 60's way up north and west of town. as far as rain chances, very low and chances for the kickoff right now. fedex is outside of the ring and nothing heading towards the field rather -- right now. it will be in the upper 80's at the beginning of the game. radar shows a larger perspective. a little cluster of showers locally. the other stuff to the west. tomorrow our attention looks up that way to the northeast. that is the direction from which a cold front will approach. as that front comes in, that would prevent us with another chance of showers and storms. what comes behind that is what
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we will create our weekend weather. showers and storms coming this direction. that motion will continue into the late afternoon and evening hours. offlly as the winds kick the atlantic, it will push moisture back towards the mountains. we are confident we will have a partly sunny and cooler weekend is the wind comes off the litigation. 88 at midday tomorrow and 85 in the afternoon. scattered showers and thunderstorms. a cooler weekend. saturday and sunday very comfortable. we turned warmer and more humid on monday and then the real heat and humidity stuff comes back here i tuesday and wednesday. the beaches look pretty good. an isolated shower possible that maryland beaches sunday morning. showers and storms sunday and monday afternoon on carolina beaches. kimberly: that is a bummer for those heading south. doug: most of us will be fine.
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always optimistic. kimberly: what song and you humming all summer? jonathan: a look at the tunes, the popular ones that streaming services sabr at the top of everybody's list or most people's lists. kimberly: a change in plans for people planning to hear the pope deliver mass. reporter: a man walks into a dog grooming shop and then tosses a bag of feces on the shop floor. i will tell you what had himself set next. kimberly: we will be showing the ravens last preseason game here on abc seven. you can see abc world news, we'll a fortune, and germany on her sister station at new general eight starting at 630. -- 6:
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jonathan: a live look at interstate 95 in virginia. open roads? aaa estimates more than 800,000 people from our area will hit the road for labor day weekend and it will look a lot busier than that. some of them will head south towards hampton roads in the outer banks. if you are one of them, your best bet is to fill up at the citgo on oyster point road in newport news just off interstate 64. $1.99tation is charging for a gallon of regular unleaded.
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you can always find the lowest gas prices at a great research for you and you can also get the app on your phone. kimberly: pretty disgusting story at a bethesda involving a dog groomer, two of her customers, and amanda wanted to make a point. kevin lewis six planes. reporter: you could call it a crappy morning. >> it's never happened in 30 years. reporter: on monday, she took two dollars on a walk in downtown bethesda. dogs that used the sidewalk to do their business. she returned to her shock to grab a plastic bag when security cameras caught this man barging in, feces in hand. >> he was caught up in rage. dealing think he did say was "that is against the law." but i was like yeah, i'm coming up to get it. reporter: the man's fouling
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which give way to an even valor act. -- fouler packed. >> he did like that to it. and put it all over the floor. reporter: the man then turned around and walked out. >> if he had waited outside if you were minutes you would see me come pick it up. i don't want him to do so they like that again. i don't what had to think that that is ok. reporter: police are not sure who the man is. she tells us she is not interested in pressing charges but once in the know this type of uncontrolled anger is not acceptable. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. are some dayse you just going to work doing this job and you think you've seen it all. kimberly: and then a story like that happens. animaldo get upset about poop. yes to pig up right away of people think you are not coming
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back. >> under whose authority are not issuing licenses? jonathan: the clerk was taking a stand on same-sex marriage. she has not run into legal authority in her fight. kimberly: paying to park. find out where you might need to feed the meter for a little bit more time. a woman accused of trying to stand to child in a metro train faces a judge today. that story is next on abc seven news.
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kimberly: new information about the woman accused of trying to snatch a toddler right out of her stroller on a metro train yesterday. sam ford was in the courtroom which made her first appearance this afternoon. he joins his live with the latest on what happened and what the judge had to say. monique mcknight talked continuously in mostly in .nherited -- incoherently she said she did not kid that nobody but her court appointed lawyer said she did not have to be in the courtroom for the proceedings. the judge had are taken out of the courtroom. the proceedings about her continued without her. she was charged with first-degree cruelty to children and attended kidnapping. she was arrested yesterday at the foggy bottom metro station after she allegedly grabbed the woman's three-year-old daughter
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on the orange line metro train. her sister set aside court today and said jimmy -- she had been mentally ill for 20 years. she leaves her sister was living in a group house most recently. >> i think she just wanted to maybe hold the baby or touch the baby or whatever. i don't think she wanted to kidnap anybody. reporter: court papers say on the train she began yelling, reached down to the stroller, grabbed the victim one, the child by the arm and try to pull victim one out of the stroller. the train stopped at foggy bottom after other passengers mcknightn and pulled away until police arrived. court papers said the child had bruises and scratches on her arm. >> my heart is hurting right now. the judge told me to sit down. i wanted to speak for myself today. reporter: this is your sister? >> i saw her when i got home
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from work. i called the transit police to find out. my heart hurts right now. judge hasthe scheduled a preliminary hearing in this case were tomorrow and he has -- she has scheduled another hearing for september 9 after mcknight has been examined to determine if she is confident to stand trial. sam ford, abc 7 news. jonathan: there are new developments to tell you about in the battle over same-sex marriage in kentucky. the county clerk's in refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses and now she is behind bars being held on contempt of court. clerksis and six deputy appeared in court today. davis has been married four maintains well her past when it be perfect she is entitled to her religious freedom. she is prepared for
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consequences because the other consequences she would not want to risk and that is being unfaithful the god. jonathan: she is going to jail. the aclu says he is a right to her religious beliefs that she is obligated to follow the law and the judge agreed. he took it further by ordering davis to stand -- stay in federal custody until she agrees to issue marriage licenses. five of the six debbie clerks agreed to issue licenses. there was one lone holdout and that is davis'son. -- davis' son. kimberly: organizers of the pope's master making big changes. no one will be allowed within a five block radius of the event along benjamin frank the parkway. it is scheduled for sunday, september 27. that is the last day of the pope's historic visit to the u.s.. it begins when he lands at joint base andrew johnson -- joint
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base andrews. rely on super into full team coverage of the entire trip. jonathan: the university of maryland is getting into the amusement park business. they announce a new water play tower that will open up next year. it will be called splash water park. he also got soaked in a move reminiscent of last summer's ice bucket challenge. the money was raised for the american cancer society. kimberly: just in time for labor day. it marks the official end of summer. aot a fight -- spotify names snakeheavy song by dj is the number one song of the summer. -- wiz by ms. khalifa
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khalifa. your favorites? wizthan: i only know because my son likes him. i liked "sugar" by maroon 5. funk" by liked "uptown bruno mars. run -- if i had gone country, she would have given me grief. kimberly: i liked "love me like you do." "what a wonderful world this would be." i just rediscovered it this summer. it brings back great memories. jonathan: now that we have all caps of music, plenty of music playing at last get away for labor day weekend. if you're heading west towards the mountains or lakes, your best bet is a fill up the tank
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at the real auto center in port royal. this is just off interstate 66. according to gas money, it is charging two dollars nine since per gallon -- $2.09 for gallon. check gas prices at before you go, logon and you will save yourself a few bucks. kimberly: it started as a really beautiful day in the got super hot. what's he going to do tonight? a newly issued severe that is from morning has been issued for parts of the area that includes southeast d.c. and prince george's county. it is slowly jerking to the south and east. you will see the heavier rain as we move through the next 15-20 minutes or so. this is just until 6:00 this evening. we will zoom in a little bit closer. this is the district line. southeast d.c. we are also looking at stronger storms. not under the ward area. this was off towards the south and east and we have more to
5:38 pm
look for this impacting parts of 495. not good news for the rush-hour commute as we get into very busy times. all this could contain gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour and a lot of thunder and a lot of lightning as his moves on through. heavy, heavy rain in this gusty winds. we will keep you updated as it moved through the next hour. kimberly: looking ugly behind you. coming up at 5:00, taking stock. a look inside some of the oldest infrastructure in our area as crews try to get it replaced. jonathan: what donald trump committed to today that he tried to avoid during that first presidential debate. wow. this thank you .spectacula. we worked with a designer from havertys for a complete refresh. you must be happy to get out of that tiny house? yeah you know when we realized how great the furniture could be, we knew we wanted more space.
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jonathan: what a mess this was after a massive water bring -- rate first seven years ago. since then, the commission has been on a mission to upgrade its aging infrastructure. reporter: typically when you come out to talk about a water
5:42 pm
main, it is because it is broken and it is affecting your morning or your evening commute. today is a much different story. is in the process of repairing thousands of miles of water main across prince george's county. in the last couple of days they discovered something they never thought they would find. this water main is 100 years old. it is wrapped in steel. that is how they did it back in 1915 when it was installed during the woodrow wilson administration. it is solid wood and it is still intact. since 1941.en used it went into service in 1915 but they installed 's. i would to bring in rob. when you discovered this, this is not what you expected? >> not at all. some of the pieces are tour of but to see the integrity of this thing all in place, it floored me. reporter: they don't make a like this anymore? >> this thing is ready to go
5:43 pm
back in service. reporter: thank you so much. if you're wondering what happens to this pipe next, it is headed towards the museum. sam sweeney, abc 7 news. kimberly: we are following breaking news with metro. it's regarding the chief safety officer of metro. abc 7 news has learned that james doughty has resigned. the board was in a meeting all day looking into the derailment in the smithsonian station last month. the chief inspection officer of metro has resigned. we learned that metro new they could be a problem and did not do anything about a fix. it could be directly related to that. more on this breaking story coming up at 6:00. one of life's biggest hassles is finding a parking spot and then paying for it. a major city in our area may soon make you pay for parking
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for a longer. of time -- p
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jonathan: a live look at traffic along interstate 95 in burtonsville. is that traffic or parking lot? if you're planning a trip to the jersey shore for labor day, don't rush. take your time, pat, have a couple coffee. the new jersey turnpike mina be the best place for gas. they are charging $2.27 per gallon. the flying j in kearney's point is charging $2.05 per gallon. you get the best gas prices at kimberly: parking enforcers will soon have more time to kick a view in certain neighborhoods in the district. meter hours to being extended its of the city's busiest communities from 10:00 p.m. until midnight. the extended hours will begin on october 1. i've always wondered about this because it is awesome after
5:48 pm
6:00. arlington county may be looking at changing that. jonathan: jay is live in arlington with a look at the parking meter plan. tacking on a couple more hours? reporter: indeed it is. county officials have a number of reasons why they think this might be a good idea. going from the present time is 6:00 p.m. an extended that until 8:00 p.m. a lot of folks are not buying the logic. arlington county officials are looking at the possibility of extending harking meter hours by two hours from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. they believe this will free up more parking spaces. some users don't like the present parking situation and say adding hours for only make matters worse and hurt small businesses. >> trying to extend it is inconvenient for the small business because it's harder for us to find parking already. i think it's pretty not that good. we live right near here and i
5:49 pm
know it can be a pain for an act to get a parking spot. this certainly is not a done deal by any stretch. this is a proposal that will be recommended to the county board in october. jonathan: thank you very much. time for a check on the roads. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch tonight. a good news-bad news. the lanes for the told moving right along but every thing else is not moving so well. jamie: we do have delays and quite a few spots. 395, traffic heading southbound. we had a crash that was the of the spring field interchange. heading south on a 395 going to the sprinkled interchange and getting a 95, that is why we are extra congested. we typically see these delays on 395. some of his positive congested is 95 in virginia, 95 in maryland ok. 66 heading out of the city.
5:50 pm
this is the patient will be out -- at from outside the capital beltway in getting closer to 123. in centreville, still volume. the capital beltway has normal congestion. the inner loop mainly getting from virginia to maryland across the macon legion bridge. fromu're traveling montgomery county, delays on the inner loop and outer loop and that is some of our congestion to watch out for starting to build their prince george's county. maybe trying to get towards landover road, arena drive to see the redskins game tonight. expect congestion. kimberly: coming up tonight at 6:00, moving in ocean. the clear plastic balls that made up the indoor beach at the national building museum are on the move. there they are headed next and how you can help get them there. a seven on your side health alert. the result of a new study on a recent drugstore tobacco policy. that is coming up tonight at 6:00.
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jonathan: let's see what's going on with the weather department. if you don't get for your run, we know it's messy. kimberly: i did but the first half was great in the second half i sweater for two hours after. doug: i have been here all day. i have an excuse. heavy rain and a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:00 a lot eastern avenue here. -- southern avenue rather. that will move to prince george's county and that will be the story for the next 20-30 minutes. everything pushes to the southwest. rain on a more heavy very localized basis for the next 20-30 minutes. we will keep that in the forecast later tonight. any activity will be very muggy with temperatures slowly to -- falling to the 50's. kickoff time at 7:30 at fedex with the jaguars play the
5:52 pm
redskins. later tonight things will calm down and remain muggy. waking up to temperatures in the mid-70's and it's very warm for it september morning. 85 in the afternoon. showers approaches a cold front had to wait. it will be cooler this weekend. 80-84 on saturday. we will warm up on labor day on monday. it will be cooler at the beaches. temperatures only the upper 70's on saturday and sunday. could be every showers saturday morning at the beaches. things will be a touch warmer. maybe an isolated storm on sunday and monday at carolina beaches. jonathan: thank you very much. let's talk about the sports situation. the alaskan the regular preseason. kimberly: robert burton is standing by. is this a try out for cousins? robert: it's a tryout for colt mccoy. he will be starting the entire gain.
5:53 pm
you can season guys getting some warm-ups in, some stretches. mccoy will have to stretch of for this game because he will be playing the entire night. drama surrounding the redskins this past week or two, colt mccoy knows there still a game to play. >> lots of things are gone in the last couple of days. to be honest my focus is on knowing i have got to play the whole game against jacksonville. iiirt: robert griffin possibly on his way out of washington. mccoy, he's caught in the crossfire. >> i will keep my reactions to myself. i just went to show up every day and put a smile in my face and be the best version of myself that i can be. robert: he became the starting quarterback against the cowboys were engineered a stunning upset on monday night football in dallas. he eventually lost that job
5:54 pm
because of an injury it was thrown back into the qb mix this off-season. after the coach admitted there was a quarterback competition, a coy had to settle for second. has settled for second. >> he is a tough competitive guy and i think you will go out and compete like he always does. that will not change with colt. >> what is done is done and we have to move forward and play with the guys that are move -- out there. hopefully move the ball up and down the field and finished the preseason on a high note. robert: a quick note. the ravens will play the falcons tonight on abc seven. pregame at 6:30. as far as mccoy, he will play the entire game tonight. if he gets hurt, knock on wood, it will be kirk cousins that has to suit up. if he gets hurt, we are in a very sticky situation. jonathan: let's just say he goes
5:55 pm
to the whole game and it's a blowout any engineers a great game tonight. does that do anything to change the coaches mind? robert: i don't think so. i think kirk cousins still has a job at cold has to go out there understanding that no job is set in stone. kimberly: thanks robert. be sure to check in with us on the 7 on your side team. we'll all be on the phone big -- bank starting at 7:00. we'll all be on the phone big -- bank starting at 7:00. jonathan:
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kimberly: it is the republican domination or bust for donald trump. he committed his loyalty to the gop this afternoon. he pledged not to run as a third-party candidate if he does not win the nomination. he originally refused to make such a promise in the campaign's first debate.
5:59 pm
that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> this is a breaking news alert. maureen: that breaking news is mota where james doherty has resigned. the interim general manager release that information just 30 minutes ago. brianne carter is live in the newsroom now. tell us what happened. this comes after a very heated meeting that happened at metro headquarters earlier today. we just learned within the last hour that james doughty, the chief safety officer, resigned. a comes after more than two hours of meeting her he was present and talking about the derailment back on august 6. they were a number of questions raised about what role the safety department had when it comes to looking at preventing incidents like that non-passenger train derailment. board members questioned the
6:00 pm
safety culture. here's what one board never had to say about the safety department earlier today. >> i have no confidence in the safety department. i will be very blunt about that. i have no confidence. furthermore, reich and file employees are disciplined when safety elapses but the management gets a pass. we cannot continue to allow this behavior to go on. reporter: that was a public meeting. had an executive session meeting and the statement released by the interim general manager. they said dowdy worked for metro for the past five years. safety officer louise brown will now step into the position at the search for his or placement gets underway. brianne carter, abc 7 news. maureen: we are on storm watch at this hour because of some pop-up storms that are moving to the region.


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